Butchers Arms Pool Team

Refuse to Lose!!!!

The Butchers Arms boasts one of the most capable teams in the Wednesday Night Saddleworth Charity League if we do say so ourselves!!!

Our captain Daniel, also known to his friends as Soley – our own baby faced assassin (and the landlord) spends hours at the pool table, organises comps and tournaments for everyone to join in and has won a variety of trophies through his days at the table playing in the pubs around Mossley. Both tactical and attacking seem to come naturally to him.

Then theres Julia, the landlady. She loves nothing more than seeing the look on a guys face when he ‘loses to a woman’. Last years Monday League, Team & Captains Player of the year (playing for the New Bridge Inn, Mossley) she’ll certainly give any of the blokes a run for their money!

Adam Robinson – at just 24 years old, Adam is proving himself to be a hard guy to beat! Playing both for us on Wednesdays and on Mondays for the New Bridge Inn,his confidence is growing and his ability is growing alongside it! Beware his tactical play, he has a logical brain that will leave anyone in a tricky situation at some point in any game!

Adam Shepley – ‘Sheepy’ was last years Monday League Individuals Champion!!! Also known to the team as ‘Adam Angles’ he rarely misses a pot or a snooker! He also plays on Monday’s for the New Bridge Inn and in Tuesday League at Staly Pool Club. He lives, eats and breathes pool, it’s in his blood and it shows in his trophy cabinet! Never go into a game against Sheepy thinking it’ll be a walkover… he’s good!

Andy Lilley – what a player! If you’ve won against Andy then you can hit a ball and hit it well!! His so far unbeaten singles record with us cannot be matched. His mix of potting ability and tactical play prove a challenge for anyone. Playing since he was a small boy in the Grotton Hotel, Andy has grown into a hell of a player! Before the lockdown came into place he was smashing the merits and heading towards the top!

Gareth Chew – ‘Chewy’ came in a little later in the season, Gareth has astounded us with his ability to pot, his long shots leave you speechless. He’s a natural born player and lover of snooker and it transfers to the smaller pool table beautifully! Chewy also plays for the New Bridge Inn on Monday evenings.

Chris Pogson – ‘Poggy’ can’t commit to every week due to work commitments, but when he can make it he plays with passion and love for the game. His ability to pot is amazing. He provides a great challenge for even the best of players.

Jake Caudwell – one of the babies of the team, but watch out, he’s a absolute potting wizard.. if it’ll get through, Jake will find a way to get it there. With no fear, Jake plays the balls not the player. An all round sportsman, he has a great ability to be part of a team and shines when it comes to sportsmanship.

Kevin Hulmes – ‘Kev the carrot’ is our captain on Monday evenings at the New Bridge Inn. Probably fair to say he’s the wind up merchant of the team! A fantastic player who has really shown his worth on Wednesday nights. He’s on a heck of a winning streak at the moment and his ability to play a calm game which is well thought out is nothing short of enviable.

Mark Robinson – the other baby of the team, Mark can attack like some of the more experienced players. He sees a shot, he commits and he carries it out with confidence and class. He may seem quiet, but this wind up merchant will tease the best possible game out of you.

Robert Dixon – ‘Fester’ is a secret little weapon. No cockiness or arrogance about him, he sits quietly watching everyones games and then approaches the table in a very humble manner…. then thinks his way through some of the cleverest games. Not one to rush into a shot, he weighs everything up from every angel and commits to a range of great shots getting great results.

When do we play?

The pool team meet on a Wednesday Evening at around 7:30pm to get some practice games in, then the more serious stuff starts at around 9pm.

Who do we play?

We play teams from the Saddleworth Charity League. These are from as far away as The Oddfellows in Denshaw to The Angel in Lees.

What does membership cost?

Each player has to pay a small signing on fee per person, but hey, we get a free meal every Wednesday for that!!!

If you are interested in playing in one of our tournaments or comps, or would like to show your interest in joining the team then call Dan on 07706782093

and remember….. Refuse to lose!!!

Urgent Notice – COVID-19

In the light of the recent announcement by the Prime Minister that we should avoid pubs, clubs, restaurants and other social venues then I feel that as Chairman of the league I have no option but to suspend all pool matches with immediate effect. The suspension will last until Monday the 13 April; which is our next usual committee meeting night and if we are able to meet we will decide what to do about the remainder of the season then.

It may be possible that the measures that have been put in place now and that are likely to be introduced soon; may allow the season to continue albeit through the summer months.

This decision has not been taken lightly, but we have to be mindful of the bigger picture. We cannot also lose sight of the fact that a lot of our venues may have to close their doors temporarily; in the light of the PM’s statement, as a result of a loss of income from the whole week as well as Wednesdays.


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