Pub Olympics

Think you’re a bit of a champ at the pub games? Prove it!

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Saturday 11th February starting at 4pm!

Entry is £5 per team of two and you’ll also get free tea/supper included.

A number of tables will be set up for you to make your way around. The table will have the chosen game on it along with the rules for that game (nice and simple don’t worry)

Games include Jenga, pub skittles, close the box etc There are pool challenges and darts challenges.

All entries will be put into a hat and drawn on the day. You will be partnered with your opposing team and this is who you will play each game with. You will be given a score card between you upon which you will keep track of your own scores as you complete each game.

The winners of round one will be put into a hat and the same thing will apply until we get down to 2 or 3 teams for the final.

The final will take place under the scrutiny of both Julia and Wayne and this is where the whole pub get involved. This is where the fun really starts! With hilarious head to heads and fun games this will be an awesome afternoon/evening!

It’s not as straight forward as you may think… along the way you might find some quirky little dares and forfeits to do to keep you amused!

Everyone who reaches the final will get a cash prize (depending on how many entries there are) and the winner will receive our fantabulous Pub Olympics Winners Trophy!

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