Reopening plans

With the governments announcement about the reopening of hospitality we decided to show you our plans for the next month or so.

The governments roadmap has said that outdoor hospitality can reopen on April 12th. As most of you are aware we don’t have ample outdoor space to do this. Many people have asked why we don’t rent the carpark off it’s current owner and have a make shift beer garden. To do this we would need to have cameras fitted overlooking the entire area. We would also need seating and tables, which we simply cannot afford. We would have to employ extra staff to bring drinks out to you. We would then have to dismantle and store or dispose of all the seating and tables we had just paid for. And let’s face it, it’s Mossley, it could rain for a month!

So we have decided to ride out the storm and open back up on May 17th when it is legal for indoor hospitality to open.

The government has not yet released the guidance on opening indoor hospitality so there’s no way of me helping you know what to expect when we do open. However, my guess is that table service will still be required and it will be quite similar to the last opening period, much to everyone’s dismay!

However…. do not dispair!

If all is good and everyone is following the guidelines and things settle down then the 21st June will see the end of all restrictions! Hard to believe isn’t it? At last, a glimmer of hope!

Dan has been vaccinated, a number of staff members have been vaccinated, I am hoping to have been vaccinated in the next week or so and our risk assessment will ensure that you are as safe as possible at all times whilst inside the premises.

If you check out our ‘Looking Forward’ page we have some great artists lined up. If you are planning a visit between May 17th and June 21st then reserving a table is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. This can be done via our Facebook page or by contacting julia direct on 07931815718

We hope you are all keeping safe and we really can’t wait to open those doors and see your faces again!

In the meantime here’s a collection of photos you’ve sent us to remind you of good times and that there’s many more to come! Take good care until then!

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