Our Team

We are a small team of talented professional bar staff with a wide range of qualifications, skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to serving with you.

Julia & Dan

Landlord & Landlady

With a wealth of experience and a portfolio of certificates we are here to ensure you are safe, happy and enjoying your entire experience with us here at the Butchers Arms.

Email me: butchersarsmmossley@gmail.com


Casual Bar Staff

The sassy Lisa will guarantee to bring a smile to your face. Lisa covers holidays for us. She’s is a heap of crazy, entertaining fun, slightly sarcastic with a hilarious no-messing-about attitude and an answer to just about anything. She has two beautiful little girls waiting for her when she gets home and has a heart of absolute gold. A highly valued member of the team; you are guaranteed a good laugh when she’s behind the bar.


Casual Bar Staff & Stand-in Team Leader

Lyndsay will be seen behind the bar serving you up your favourite drinks and stands in as ‘team leader’ when Julia and Dan are away or on a night out. She has an amazing knowledge of all things pub related and a portfolio full of bar related qualifications. Trustworthy and honest, Lyndsay is a highly valued member of the team. Lyndsay is due to have her second baby in 2021 so you may not see her smiling face as often as you’d like. She’s already an amazing mummy to Millie and we have no doubt that she’ll be equally as wonderful when her little baby boy arrives. We wish her all the best for the next 12 months, exciting times!


Sunday Bar Staff

You can find Kim behind the bar on a Sunday afternoon. Kim is a high energy, fun member of the team who has a zest for life and a twinkle in her eye. She has a husband and two amazing little boys at home who keep her busy almost full time. She’s a bit of a pool shark, so beware those who take her on, when it comes to pool she’s not as green as she is cabbage looking!! A Cheeky Vimto and a game of pool and Kim’s happy as Larry!


Bar Staff & Team Leader

Jo (our favourite scouser) is always ready to greet you with a cheeky wink and a happy smile. Always says it as it is does Jo, sometimes whether you like it or not! From Friday to the end of day Saturday Jo is our Bar Manager. Forward thinking and always on the ball, Jo can answer almost all your questions about future plans and events in the pub. Kind and always caring, Jo would give her friends her last penny if it helped them out. Jo goes home at night to her son Josh who is currently hard at work doing a Royal Marines training schedule. Proud mum moment!


Casual Bar Staff

Toni can be found behind the bar on Saturday afternoons and sometimes providing holiday cover… don’t be fooled, she’s not as quiet as she pretends to be! Toni has become a Nana recently to her beautiful Granddaughter Naviah-Rein. An extremely family orientated lady, she lives only for her husband, her son, daughter and granddaughter. A night out with Toni is one too remember and one where you most definitely need to take your dancing shoes!


Regular Bar Staff

A little bit crazy and good fun, Amy always has a happy face there to greet you and a TON of chat! The term ‘Having a blonde moment’ was made for Amy, her hilarious bloops have us roaring with laughter, luckily she laughs with us! She has two gorgeous boys who I’m sure you will see around the pub from time to time. A dedicated and valued member of the team who will always find something to keep herself busy.


Weekend Bar Staff

This girl really doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. Always smiling and can’t wait to serve you. Kimber is a kind, generous girl with a heart made from finest gold. Her smile and laugh really do light up the room. Kimber will drop everything to help the other girls should they need a shift swap and is extremely reliable member of our team. She has two beautiful daughters waiting for her when she goes home who will benefit greatly from her positive outlook on life.


Weekend Bar Staff

No messing about with Lynn, she definitely calls a spade a spade. A fun, high energy member of the team, Lynn is sarcastic, cheeky and damn right bossy sometimes… and that’s exactly what we love about her. Adaptable and reliable, Lynn has never once missed a shift without a good two months notice!! Lynn has a full time job and a daughter who is about to give her her first grandchild! She’s helped out behind the scenes at times I’ve really needed someone. She has a huge heart and will be behind this bar for as long as she wants to.

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