How will things change?

Let’s be honest… they just keep on changing the goal posts don’t they?

At the moment the plan is to almost split the pub into three. The back room, the darts room and the pool room.

The BACK ROOM will be for couples or small groups that wish to sit and have a quiet drink or watch the TV (with a reservation system in place to make sure you are sat close to people you know).

The DARTS ROOM will remain that. As we are leaving it a little longer to open we are quite confident that we can put into place an easy one way system for you to still play darts .YOU WILL HAVE TO BRING AND USE YOUR OWN DARTS for safety reasons. This area will be pre-bookable and in the first few weeks priority will be given to our regular darters.

The POOL ROOM will be for the people who come in on their own. The 7-night-a-week boys, the single ladies who come in to enjoy the safety of the pub etc. The reason for this is so that like minded people can still sit together (whilst maintaining a safe distance) and chat to one another whilst still being at a distance to talk to the staff. We very much doubt pool will be available to play for a while (all those hands on that one cloth is a breeding ground).

It will be play it by ear and there is always room for manoeuvre, so don’t worry of you don’t see what you want.

You may be wondering how we are going to manage this? Simply by booking in. If you have booked in then you get the table or area you want, if you haven’t then (as you would in a restaurant) you will be able to take what’s available at the time.

There are a few ways of booking your slot should you choose to do so.

Facebook Messenger – You can message the ‘Butchers Arms, Mossley’ Facebook page.

Telephone – You can text or call Julia on 07931815718

Email – You can email us at

It’s nothing official, it’s simply a way to secure yourself a table incase demand is high

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Hi, I’m Julia, landlady of the Butchers Arms Mossley. I have three children, all grown up and a partner called Daniel who has been nothing but supportive in my quest to become landlady! It’s been my life long dream to have my own pub and finally that dream has come true for me! I’m a naturally optimistic person and have previously been a pub singer, a DJ, a karaoke host and run bars. I love music, festivals and love bands and so you will always find a tune or two in the background whilst you visit. I genuinely hope your visit to Butchers will leave you feeling welcomed and wanting to return.

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