Take a ‘LOO’k what we’ve been busy sorting out……

Gents, this one’s for you!

The steel urinal has now been removed, the wall tiled in a stunning grey and three separate porcelain urinals fitted.

All thats left to do now is to touch up some of the paintwork, replace the flooring with non slip poly floor and we are good to go!

Published by Butchers Arms Mossley

Hi, I’m Julia, landlady of the Butchers Arms Mossley. I have three children, all grown up and a partner called Daniel who has been nothing but supportive in my quest to become landlady! It’s been my life long dream to have my own pub and finally that dream has come true for me! I’m a naturally optimistic person and have previously been a pub singer, a DJ, a karaoke host and run bars. I love music, festivals and love bands and so you will always find a tune or two in the background whilst you visit. I genuinely hope your visit to Butchers will leave you feeling welcomed and wanting to return.

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