It’s all about the entertainment at the Butchers!

Hi guys

When we reopen we are changing our schedule slightly.

Monday’s will be the most relaxed night. Time to chat and catch up on the weekends shenanigans, but also reminisce and take yourself back in time with a range of classic playlists for you from the 50’s up to the 90s. Each week will be a different era and genre. I’m sure you’ll find a few of your own guilty pleasures!

Tuesdays change each week but never really strays away from a music theme. The first week of each month will see our Jam Session with a jake Fletcher return. The second will be a music quiz evening. On the third we will have an open mic session with David Brown. The fourth Tuesday will be different each month but I’m hoping to showcase you a new Accoustic artist (hopefully one Ive found from the open mic or jam session).

Wednesday nights are pool nights, so when the team are at home it’s free supper and the evening tends to revolve around the pool table. If the team are away it’s a much quieter vibe, chats and laughs at the bar all evening… a great place to relax if you’re coming out alone!

Thursday is Darts and Crib Night. We are looking for cribs players, so if you fancy trying had your hand give us a shout. When the team are at home it’s free supper again and an exciting atmosphere. When the team are away we have a range of board games and card games for you to play, from Cards Against Humanity to good old scrabble.

Friday. It’s weekend, you’ve just finished work, the pool table and dart board are just sat here waiting for you. 6-7pm is happy hour. 7:30-8:30pm we will be putting Accoustic acts on for you to sit back, unwind and enjoy your drink to. Then at 9pm it’s time to party! DJs, Karaoke, themed evenings, parties, lots of silliness! It’s weekend… why not!

Saturday afternoons can be easily taken over by sport on our huge TV with amazing sound system!

Saturday night is entertainment night! I personally track down the best local artists, party bands, Motown singers, tribute acts… you name it, we’ll find it!

Sundays again can be very sports orientated! With all the action from BT Sports and Sky sports you can be sure there’ll be something showing! There’s usually some kind of food out on, hotdogs or chilli or a curry.

Then Sunday evening it’s games night… Killer Pool for all to take part at 7pm and various tournaments (darts and pool) again open to everyone. It’s a relaxed day, perfect for families and ideal to recover from the weekend ready for the dreaded Monday morning!

We can’t wait to welcome you back… not long now!!

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Hi, I’m Julia, landlady of the Butchers Arms Mossley. I have three children, all grown up and a partner called Daniel who has been nothing but supportive in my quest to become landlady! It’s been my life long dream to have my own pub and finally that dream has come true for me! I’m a naturally optimistic person and have previously been a pub singer, a DJ, a karaoke host and run bars. I love music, festivals and love bands and so you will always find a tune or two in the background whilst you visit. I genuinely hope your visit to Butchers will leave you feeling welcomed and wanting to return.

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